Hot Curvy Babe with Big Tits in Tight Tank Top

shana evers big boobs tank topI had no clue who this chick was, just found her randomly. It turns out her name is Shana Evers —and I don’t really have the time or interest to dig deeper into what has she done to become somewhat know besides that hot body, so…

I just love this picture of those beautiful big tits forming a sizzling hot cleavage under the about-to-burst tight purple tank top. I edited it to correct a bit of the color, then focus and highlight a bit more that attention-deserving neckline and warm cleavage to gently caress her chest, feeling the wooly tissue forcedly containing her meaty funbags, while you stick your tongue down the throat of those precious big pink lips.

Hot hot babe.

Czech Busty Natural Babe Connie Carter – Josephine

tessa conny big natural tits perfect cleavage

How amazing and perfect are the big natural boobs on this Czech adult model, Conny Lior, Connie Carter, Josephine, or a thousand other names (I don’t really know why they do this, I don’t think it’s really good for her fans… whatever, boobs).

This babe is so hot I posted a few more pics today than usual, also a gif animation of her performing a titjob between those big round firm meaty sacks:  Continue reading

Amazing Teen with Big Tits in Tight Black Dress

big bursting natural funbags in tight black dress hot cleavageTypically my prose describing the delicious caramel-coated boobies featured in this blog delights you, I know. But this modest perky teen equiped with amazing firm yet squishy funbags says everything, so I’ll stop here. Feast on this pack of meaty joy. Feast on tits.

This Babe Has the Hottest Tits and Lovely Face — Sophie Reade

busty sophie reade is uber hotI know this busty chick —Sophie Reade— is very known all over town. Maybe she isn’t the typical hottie next door that everyone would like to bang. She’s a famous babe that everyone would like to bang. Anyways, her big fake boobs that seem so natural are amazing, and before becoming famous, she was actually the hot babe next door to some lucky guy.

Do you think some lucky neighbor had the opportunity to bang her? If it were me, I would suck and play with those funbags until my mouth goes dry, she would have to inject me with some dirty fluid to save me.

What a hottie. Not only her big plumpy boobs are amazing, her perky expression and sweetly perfumed tanned skin make her a desire to taste from top to bottom —pun intended.

You Can Almost Taste the Warm Cleavage of This Busty Brunette

stunning busty bimbo brunette in elevatorI don’t know who’s this big-boobed chick. I just found her picture posted on some online dating site, tits first, and wanted to share it here.

I guess it was a fake profile on that dating site, I don’t think such a hottie needs to post selfshots and show off that warm soft cleavage and d-s lips to suck some face.

In my case, her face is too edgy for my exquisite taste, but I wouldn’t say no to plugging my face between those juggs. Oh my.

Redhead with Big Perfect Boobs — Leanne Decker

leanna decker redhead big perfect natural tits blue pantiesWhat a hot babe we have today. I found this picture somewhere and I finally found her name is Leanne Decker. Look at those magnificient boobs. Fake yeah, but extremely hot on that perfect body. They’re sticking out of her slim curves defining a shape hard to beat.

I look at those perfect big breasts and just want to suck them and play with them for hours.

I don’t especially like redheads, but this one is stunning. She’s super sexy and those big juicy tits just want to make you want to rip that lingerie off with your bare hands and fuck her hard. Sizzling hot.